Siemens Automatic fire detectors

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  • The optimum smoke detector for all applications
  • Signal processing with detection algorithms
  • Automatic address allocation during commissioning
  • Reliable detection of emerging fires
  • Suitable for air speeds up to 5 m/s for OH720 and OP720
  • Communication via C-NET (individual addressing)



  • ecologically processing
  • recyclable materials
  • electronic and synthetic material simply separable


  • resistant to environment and interference factors such as dust, fibers, insects, humidity,
    extreme temperatures, electro-magnetic interference, corrosive vapors, vibration
  • insensitive to impact, tamper protection
  • protected electronics, high-quality components
  • integrated short-circuit isolator, which locate the defective part on the detector bus of
    the control unit and insulates between 2 detectors
  • built-in alarm indicator (AI), visible at 360¢X
  • up to 2 external alarm indicators of type FDAI91/FDAI92/FDAI93 connectable per detector
    signal processing with detection algorithms
  • automatic address allocation during commissioning
  • the same detector base type can be used for each detector type, for surface and recess
    supply wiring

Optional accessories

  • Detector locking device LP720 as protection against theft
  • Designation plate FDBZ291
  • Detector base seal RS720 for higher protection category
  • Micro terminal DBZ1190-AA (0.28 ¡K 0.5 mm2)
  • Connection terminal DBZ1190-