The BCS-CS Series of Ceiling Loudspeakers are part of the latest 'EasyFit' range from Bosch that meets the needs of the Australian Audio & Fire Industries. BCS-CS Loudspeakers are lightweight, quick and easy to install, and ensure good quality music reproduction, plus excellent speech intelligibility to help you meet the stringent requirements of AS1670:4.

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When a fire is detected in your facility nothing protects your people and property like a Siemens Fire Safety system solution. We have your future covered with fire system configurations and solutions to meet your specific needs. With a Siemens Fire system solution you can rest assured you will not only provide a safer environment for your building occupants but you can instill confidence in knowing you’re making a smart decision to protect your people, business, and future.

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HID Global is the trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity to millions of customers around the world. HID Global is focused on creating customer value worldwide with technology-based access solutions, issuance solutions, embedded technology solutions and logistics technology solutions

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Spectra is a leading solution provider for Automatic Identification Technology products. These products are equiped with most prevalent technologies such as Fingerprint recognization, smart card, and RFID. The products are robust, time tested and flexible to meet most of the customers requirements. The applications catered are Time & Attendence Recordering, Physical Access Control and Canteen Management.

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The 3MLibrary Commitment Program lets you move to 3M with no increase in prices you've been offered by other vendors. We've been a partner to the library community for over 40 years and we'll be around for many years to come. Get peace of mind with 3M.Protect the investment the community made in your library

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