HID's Access Card (Credentials)

A card (or transponder) is a passive electronic device that relies on a reader to provide the necessary power for start-up and communication. The card consists of an application-specific integrated circuit connected to a multi-turn antenna, that when combined, creates the 13.56 MHz resonant frequency. The card can also be manufactured with unique data for the purpose of anti-collision, as well as the personalized cardholder data for physical access control.



HID provides the following type of Access Cards:

  • iCLASS® Contactless

Optimized to make physical access control more powerful, iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability and supports multiple applications such as biometric authentication, cashless vending and PC log on security.

iCLASS smart cards and readers make access control more powerful, more versatile, and most important of all, offers enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication. At the same time, iCLASS is user-friendly, delivering the convenience, affordability and reliability of proximity technology for which HID is known worldwide.

  • HID Proximity

With over 200 million credentials in use around the world, Our global reputation for delivering quality, value, partnership, and service excellence to our customers is unsurpassed in the security Industry. For security managers, dealers, integrators and OEMs, HID proximity cards are recognized as the industry standard for physical access control. Featuring 125 kHz RFID technology HID prox products are robust, affordable, and seamlessly integrate with access control systems.

  • Indala® Proximity

All HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Cards feature FlexSecur® technology, which provides an added level of access control system security through a verification process at the reader. Unique to the HID Indala product line, FlexSecur® screens out unauthorized cards prior to sending card data to the host system. The Indala Credentials are available in a wide variety of styles suitable for every application. Indala Credentials are compatible with all Indala readers and can be easily encoded with the Indala ProxSmith® Programmer and toolkit. Plus the passive, no-attery design of HID Indala proximity cards allows for and infinite number of reads and is warranted against defects in material and workmanship.

  • Magnetic Stripe

We offer a wide range of magnetic stripe readers fully equipped with both Clock-and-Data and Wiegand outputs. Combination readers read both magnetic stripe and proximity cards, providing a seamless technology migration path from magnetic stripe to proximity.

  • FlexSmart® Series MIFARE/DESFire Contactless

HID’s FlexSmart Series Credential, MIFARE and DESFire, both offerings encompass the industry’s broadest range of open standard contactless smart card products. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, HID MIFARE and DESFire credentials have the memory structure and capacity to store multiple applications on a single credential. When security and performance count most, HID’s FlexSmart MIFARE and DESFIre credentials can be produced with visual security and anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms, ultra-violet fluorescent inks, micro-printing or a custom logo to quickly and easily identify genuine cards.

  • Crescendo®

Crescendo is a series of highly secure multi-technology, off-the-shelf smart cards built to provide out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for existing physical and logical access applications.

Crescendo offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for a combined logical and physical access control solution.

  1. Reduces card management costs and increases user convenience by combining logical and physical access control in a single card.
  2. Provides out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for thousands of logical access applications provided by Microsoft® and others.
  3. Is supplied pre-initialized with the required on-card software and includes all required drivers and middleware.
  4. Requires no per-seat middleware licenses, reducing overall costs.
  5. Uses a powerful contact smart chip with cryptographic co-processor coupled with HID's industry standard proximity or iCLASS® technology.
  6. Is available off-the-shelf, reducing lead times and cost.


  • Wiegand

Wiegand technology is widely recognized and field proven for over 18 years. The cards and readers are low cost and durable, with a high level of security.

  • UltraCard®

The UltraCard product line, available exclusively as part of HID's Global's Fargo brand secure card issuance solutions, has a long standing reputation among end-users for consistent quality in construction. In addition to blank stock, the UltraCard line is available in a variety of configurations for magnetic stripe, custom holograms and other additional anti-counterfeiting features.