Digital Library Assistant

Digital Library Assistant

Digital Library Assistant

This cordless handheld device reads 3M RFID Tags on books and other materials, and makes shelf reading, re-shelving, sorting, searching, weeding and exception-finding much easier and more efficient.


What is Collection Management?

3M Collection Management creates a more orderly library by identifying improperly placed items, and turning shelf-reading, shelving, sorting, searching and weeding into routine tasks that can be done simultaneously.


How does our Collection Management Solution Work?

As a component of the 3M RFID System, we offer the Digital Library Assistant, a cordless handheld device that instantly reads RFID tags on library materials and can hold information on over one million items. The ergonomic design and a swivel antenna allow staff to reach all shelves without reaching or stooping. And its state-of-the-art technology can quickly identify items that were not checked out or detect the security status of materials.


Why you’ll love our Collection Management Solution.

Our solution helps ensure that items are where they’re supposed to be. This saves time, and discovers errors that might otherwise go unnoticed. Not only does this create a more orderly library, it provides better service and increased patron satisfaction.

3M offers the only portable handheld solution that allows libraries to find misplaced items on the shelf. It is the fastest and most accurate handheld RFID solution in the industry, and works with more Integrated Library Systems than any other vendor worldwide. As the world’s most used RFID handheld, 3M collection management saves at least 25% of library time locating daily holds.